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Build and operate lucrative sales funnels with "Cheetah" (2)

Next, you need to configure the redirection, i.e. specify which page the potential customer should be redirected to when they have successfully completed the registration. In our case, for the "After registration" action, this is the notice page and "After confirmation" the thank you or download page. You can access the settings window by clicking the link icon in the header menu of the Mailingboss form.

Of course, we now need to customize the notice page and the thank you/download page. Again, for the "rapid design" we can use a banner template, only here from the category "Confirm Email Page" and "Download Page" or "Thank You Page". Here you have to link the corresponding button to the product (e.g. eBook or app file), which you have previously uploaded to the Builderall repository, for example.

After you have designed or customized all pages according to your ideas, you can start testing. If all the links are set correctly, it should go positively right away.

And that's it. You have set up your first "Lead Magnet Funnel" with "Cheetah"! On the basis of this website, you can of course build more funnels later without much effort and thus collect more leads.

Sales Funnel for many purposes

The "Lead Magnet Funnel" just discussed is a decidedly simple funnel. It is compact and straightforward and ideally fulfills its purpose. Other purposes require other funnels, which can or must be structured more complexly according to the task. Thus, in insider circles one speaks of "Bridge Funnel", "Video Sales Letter Funnel", "Product Launch Funnel", "Split Testing Funnel" etc. pp. The following flow chart, for example, shows a "Product Launch Funnel" with which a new product is to be introduced to the market and sold.

In order to function as planned, all funnels require input - in other words, "traffic". A distinction is made between "organic traffic" and "paid traffic". Organic traffic" is traffic that is primarily generated via search engines. Success here depends crucially on which keywords are chosen (keyword "search volume", "competition") and how the funnel is set up in terms of SEO. Usually it is difficult - and even more so in a short time - to optimize a funnel so far SEO that it becomes organically profitable. So in the end there is often nothing left but buying traffic. And there are several ways to do this, which will only be briefly listed here:

And, of course, there are a lot of other providers who promise to share in their popularity in exchange for money (for example, via paid banner advertising).

If you want to use paid traffic, it is important to develop a strategy for it. Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will spend a lot of money, but the result will be modest in comparison. Because especially when placing ads in social networks, you can do a lot wrong.

Tip: It is not the subject of this book to explain how to place ads on the Internet. For this, use special video courses or step-by-step instructions that explain the relevant procedure in detail. Especially if you are a newcomer, their price pays off quickly, because they help to avoid expensive beginner mistakes.

In this context, it is also worth mentioning the many tools that Builderall provides in its paid plans. In terms of "lead magnets", let's just mention the following apps:

In addition, there are various Boots and, of course, the Social Media Planner, which can be used to schedule and create Facebook postings in advance, for example, which are then automatically delivered at the specified time. The use of SMS for advertising purposes is also supported by Builderall in an exemplary manner with its own app.

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