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Create your own blog (4)

Design „Post-Page“

Clicking on a thumbnail or the "Read more" button in the blog feed will take you to the full view of the blog post. Of course, you can also freely design this page. It contains a post element from the "Blog Post" element category as its most essential element. It is displayed in the editor in native form. If you want to see it with your own content, you need to compile the website, then go to the website and select an article via the blog feed.

Of course, this element also offers a wide range of settings. This starts with the gear icon in its header menu, which takes you to a dialog where you can explicitly specify what all should be displayed on the post page:

The concrete design (colors, title style, etc. pp.) you then make in the usual way via the properties of the object.

Furthermore, you have to place a button on the page that allows you to return to the feed page.

Tip: If you reduce the width of the element, you can use the edge area that becomes free (usually on the right) to place explicit advertising there, for example.

Blog summary

Like all tools in Builderall, the blog tool is in constant development. Actually, the instructions given here are based on the first released MVP version ("MVP" = "Minimum Viable Product"). It is already so good and so stable that you can build and run your own blog with it, which by the way is much faster and more comfortable than for example a classic WordPress blog. In the near future, a whole number of extensions are planned, which will then be reflected among other things in the element palette of "Cheetah". Just because of the blog functionality it is worth to have a closer look at the "Cheetah" Sitebuilder...

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