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SuperCheckout and Affiliates

Suppose you have created an exceptional video course that you sell over the Internet. Then it is a good marketing idea to encourage other online marketers to market it by paying them an appropriate percentage (e.g. 50%) of the sales price as commission for each referral. This approach can even be useful on several levels, in which your affiliates in turn recruit affiliates for their product and thereby also participate in their sales on a percentage basis. By the way, Builderall itself shows that such a sales model can be very successful. Therefore, it is not really surprising that exactly such sales models can be realized amazingly easy with the Builderall SuperCheckout.

To activate an affiliate program for a product, all you need to do first is check the appropriate checkbox under "Edit product" on the "Affiliation" page. Then select the website where you will present your affiliate program in detail and where an interested party can sign up for it (see below). Furthermore you need a mailingboss list for your affiliate partners, but of course you have to create it explicitly with all required fields before.

Under "Configure Levels" you define what percentage of the sales price the affiliate should receive as commission (maximum 90%) if he successfully refers the product. If it makes sense for you, you can also add more levels here, so that the affiliate gets a monetary incentive to recruit more prospects who also refer the product.

Tip: For digital products, a 50% commission is common, i.e. half of the net price goes to you as the author of the product and the other half to the intermediary.

But that's not all, of course. We still need - as already mentioned - a separate web page on which the affiliate program is presented in a comprehensible and promotionally effective manner and on which there must be a special button via which the interested party can apply to you. This is where the "Affiliate Registration URL" is stored, which is automatically generated for them via "Link" on the product tile and which is supposed to redirect the interested party to an application page like this one:

Important: Start actively promoting your affiliate sales website only after you have tested it extensively and found it to be largely bug-free and functional.

Once affiliates have applied and perhaps made their first sales, they can be conveniently administered using the "Affiliates" category functions in the left side menu of SuperCheckout:

Builderall's SuperCheckout is under continuous development and already offers more features than described here in this short introduction. However, they can easily be opened intuitively (for example, the topic "discount codes"), as soon as you take a closer look at this great tool, for which you may have to pay a lot of money with other providers.

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