Create Websites with CHEETAH

Selling digital products - the SuperCheckout (5)

Create member area

Now, in the side view of our website, the first thing we do is create a "Members Area" using the appropriate button and name it "City Photo Club":

We have previously created the "City Photo Club members area" page in "Cheetah". In addition, we still need a thank you page, to which the customer is directed after the successfully completed payment process. Otherwise the website consists of the pages "Photo Club" (=homepage), "Services" and "About us".

When setting up the member area, it is important to select "Grant access manually or through payment (SuperCheckout)" as the access. The authentication should be done by a simple LogIn. We also assign a prepared mailingboss list to the member area.

Create product in SuperCheckout

Since it is a new website, the first thing you need to do is fill in the "Business Information" page again. Then start the wizard to create a new product. On the "Product Info" page you assign a product name, select the language and add a product description. Type of the product is a digital product of the category "Services". Also, you should not forget to upload an image that matches the theme.

On the next page set the payment service provider and the price. It should be a one-time net amount of 10,00 €. In order to include the German sales tax, we add its percentage share to "Total tax":

The net amount is then entered in the price field. This results in a gross price of €11.90.

The "Affiliation" page can be skipped again and on the "Design" page we select the "3 Steps Checkout" again. What is essential here is the selection of the home page. This is the page where the button for purchasing the paid membership is located - in this example the homepage "Photo Club". Furthermore, we have to assign our "Thank you page" created in "Cheetah" to the field above ("Choose your thank you page").

The next page in the wizard concerns the "Email Campaign". Here we select our prepared mailingboss list and use the standard thank you email.

On the following page "Restricted Areas" we now mark our member area "City Photo Club Member Area" and switch with "Next" to the penultimate page "Integrations". And again there is nothing for us to fill in.

After confirming the user conditions, our new product is ready to be added to SuperCheckout and will be displayed as a new tile under "My Products". Via "Edit" we can now access all settings pages again and make any necessary changes.

Now we need to look at the links generated by SuperCheckout ("Links" on the product tile). We explicitly need the "Checkout URL", which we copy to the Windows clipboard by clicking on the button located to the right of it. Now we need to go to the homepage of our website in "Cheetah" and assign this link to the "Purchase Membership" button, selecting "Open in new tab" as the destination. You can also go directly to "SuperCheckout" in the redirect dialog and select the name of the member area from the drop-down box. The most important information about the payment plan will then be displayed immediately below this.

Next, we need to add and configure the "LogIn" button behind the main menu of the header banner. And this is also done quickly: Link action - "LogIn", tick the member area and select the entry page of the member area. And of course don't forget to save.

If the website visitor now decides to become a member, he will click on the "Purchase Membership" button and then go through the 3-step purchase process. Step 2 is particularly important here ("Payment method"), because this is where the customer must leave his name and address and set a password for the members' area himself. Because with his e-mail address and exactly this password he will be able to log into the member area of the "City Photo Club" at any time after the completed purchase process...

Note: Don't forget to un-sandbox after a successful checkout test, so that potential prospects can actually "buy"...

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