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Selling digital products - the SuperCheckout (3)

And then, of course, a price must be set. Whether it is to be understood as gross or net price depends on whether the checkboxes "Activate VAT" and "VAT included" are ticked. If this is the case, then you can find out in the area below how high the VAT portion is in the individual countries of the EU.

We skip the next page "Affiliation", because we do not want to set up an affiliate program for our product.

After "Next" we reach the page "Design". Here we are offered some basic designs for the payment masks, which we can take a closer look at by clicking the "Preview" button. In the following we select "3 Steps Checkout". Furthermore, we explicitly specify our sales page created in "Cheetah" as well as the "thank you page" (download page):

Now follows the "Email Campaign" page. It is a good idea to add the buyer to a Mailingboss list. Of course you have to create a corresponding list in Mailingboss before. You can also define additional input fields there, which will then be transferred directly to SuperCheckout. Furthermore there is the possibility to activate certain e-mails or to replace standard e-mails with your own (just try it out):

We will ignore the next page "Restricted areas", because it only makes sense if we have set up a member area in our website, which is not the case here. The "Integrations" page is also irrelevant for our use case. But of course we have to accept the terms of use. Once that is done, the new digital product can be created by clicking on the "CREATE PRODUCT" button in Builderall:

And you can already find your first digital product under "My products":

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