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Selling digital products - the SuperCheckout (2)

If you have a VAT number, please enter it in the "VAT Number" field. Furthermore, we will not activate the "Global Affiliate Program" button in this example, as we do not want to recruit external affiliates to market our digital project.

After saving, we will be taken to a new page, where we are now only interested in the "Get started now" section. Because here we can now explicitly create our digital product that we want to sell via SuperCheckout.

To do this, we click on the button "CREATE A PRODUCT". A rather extensive page opens, which is structured in the form of a wizard and consists of 7 individual pages, which we now have to go through and fill out bit by bit. The first page is the page "Product info". Here we give our product a name (maximum 50 characters), specify the language and check the box "Request customer's address data" so that he is forced to reveal his name and address. Furthermore, we enter a text in the editor that describes our digital product in more detail.

Note: You can also use the various formatting options offered by this editor to highlight special product features, for example.

Furthermore, you have to select the type of product (digital or physical) and a suitable category from a drop-down box in each case. And don't forget to upload a suitable image or mockup. Because this will also be a not insignificant part of the order form:

With "Next" we get to the important page "Prices". With [+] we determine which payment providers we want to use. For the time being, we can only use PayPal (and possibly Stripe). Of course, the first condition is the existence of a PayPal account. So if you don't have one yet, go to the PayPal website and create one there. Afterwards you carry out the following steps:

Note: If you delete or deactivate your Secret, then your checkout will no longer work. Also note that sandbox mode is always enabled for test payments!

Now we just need to select the currency (€) and specify what type of withdrawal right we want to give the customer. In the next drop-down box, we select "One-time payment", of course. However, there is also the option to initiate recurring payments (like a standing order at PayPal), which makes sense for rental models, for example.

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