Webseiten erstellen mit CHEETAH


If you want to be found and taken seriously as a company, freelancer or associ-ation, there is no way around having your own online presence in the form of a website these days. And even as a "private individual" it makes sense, for ex-ample, to present your hobby or your special knowledge and skills to like-minded people via a website and in this way to make contacts or exchange thoughts and experiences (keyword "blog"). With the help of a well-planned website, you can also easily build up a second income with manageable effort by selling affiliate products via self-designed sales funnels and online advertising measures ("Facebook", "Instagram" and "Pinterest" are the keywords here). There are many reasons why you should have one (or more) of your own web-sites.

As a company or freelancer, you will not be able to do without your own web-site and will therefore probably consider having such a website created by a service provider for more or less money, who will then also take care of it (for a fee, of course). But are you aware that today, in the age of web building kits, it is no longer a great art to build your own professional website in a short time - without studying computer science or programming skills? A website over which you have 100% control and which you can expand and update yourself at any time? In this book you will learn how to do that (and much more). And you will see - designing websites is also fun!

Among the multitude of web building kits that are now available online via the Internet, the site builder "Cheetah" (so called because of its speed) of the American company "eBusiness4us" stands out with some features that make this site builder interesting for beginners as well as for professionals:

And, as already indicated in the last point of the list, "Cheetah" is only one component of an extensive digital marketing platform called "Builderall", whose tools and services can be activated at any time, especially in the "Premium Plan", for example to build up a lucrative online business on the side. And these packages have it all.  Not only are they coordinated among each other, but they really cover all the topics you need for successful online marketing, without the need to purchase or rent the tools you need (e.g. email autoresponders, special social media tools, design tools, etc. pp.) individually from different providers (which, as experience shows, quickly drives up the monthly expenses for them). Here at Builderall, you can start with the CHEETAH / MARKETER plan and already on its basis quickly learn "website building" and everything that goes with it. If you are happy with it, then stick with it. Otherwise, you can switch to the PREMIUM plan at any time with the understanding that you can cancel it monthly if you need to. And one more thing: And if you want to build a professional affiliate marketing business with Builderall, then you should join the "Funnel Club". Here you have hundreds of pre-programmed sales funnels to choose from, and all you have to do is customize them. And even that is child's play. So there is really no reason for you not to take a closer look at "Cheetah" in particular and Builderall in general and explore its capabilities...

However, the focus of this volume from the "Builderall Library" series is not "Builderall" as a "total work of art", but "merely" the site builder (web con-struction kit) "Cheetah", which you will quickly learn to love as soon as you have built your first website with it and published it on the net. This is because the entire Builderall marketing platform, which now includes more than 45 other tools and applications, revolves around it. With "Cheetah" you not only create complete websites that rank high in Google etc., but also inviting landing pages, special sales pages, ingenious sales funnels and even extensive blogs. "Cheetah" is thereby also open to the HTML and JavaScript professional, be-cause special techniques can also be used to incorporate program code in the form of scripts and HTML inline code into "Cheetah" websites, which in turn can be used to realize amazing effects or special functions that are not covered by the design elements of the site builder. You will also find examples of this in this book.

Long story short. Sign up for Builderall and start developing the website of your dreams yourself today. Everything you need to know is in this book!

NOTE: Most of the screenshots in this book are from the German version of Builderall. However, you can always display the dashboard in a language of your choice by adjusting the language setting of your account accordingly.

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